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Asus is the top selling laptop brand in the world

Asus laptops are known for their quality and affordability. The company designs and manufactures all of its own components, including the motherboard and processor. Its notebooks are known for their long battery life, bright matte display, and ultra-thin design. It also has a global presence in the gaming community.

The company’s gaming laptop sales are one of its biggest assets. Its gaming laptops have a large user base and are a growing segment of the laptop market. Its market share is expected to reach 50% by 2019. In 2017, it was the fourth biggest brand in the world, accounting for about 6% of the overall PC market. Sales grew slightly in 2018, but they have slowed down considerably since then.

Laptop sales are increasing worldwide. Three leading vendors account for over 60% of the market. Apple, Dell, and HP are among the top three laptop manufacturers. The brand is a great choice for office workers and students.

Apple is a luxury brand

For many years, Apple was considered a luxury laptop brand. This had both positive and negative connotations. Today, Apple has introduced more mid-range products and switched from Intel chips to Apple silicon chips for MacBooks. Whether you want a luxury laptop or not depends on your personal taste and budget.

Apple is one of the world’s most popular luxury brands. It has nearly $230 billion in annual revenue, a net income of almost $50 billion, and more than 120,000 employees. It is also one of the most customer-friendly laptop brands. It offers online tech support and free 90-day phone support. Apple’s laptops are also remarkably reliable.

Apple’s MacBook Air, which debuted at Macworld 2008, was one of the most coveted ultrathin laptops. The laptop was 0.65 inches thin, and was the piece de resistance of the show. The Apple MacBook Air and Adamo were remarkably thin and slim compared to other ultrathin laptops on the market.


The Dell brand is one of the top selling laptop brands in the United States. Its extensive lineup of laptops is designed to be affordable and attractive for consumers. It also has a strong customer service reputation. In addition to its affordable pricing, Dell’s quality and innovation keeps it at the forefront of the laptop market. The company’s laptops are also popular with demanding consumers, as they come with many features and options.

The company’s wide range of laptops includes budget models as well as high-end models for gamers and professionals. Its consumer range includes laptops with backlit keyboards and touchscreens. It also has a range of business-focused laptops, including the Latitude series and the XPS series. These laptops feature powerful processors and long battery life. The company has an estimated annual revenue of $50 billion and employs over 101,000 people around the world.

Dell has been a leading name in the home computer industry for years, with over three decades of experience in manufacturing computers. It offers a wide range of laptops, including Inspiron, XPS, G Series, Chromebooks, and Alienware models. Its XPS line is often compared to Apple’s MacBook due to its power and stylish design.

Asus offers a year of accident- and spill-protection warranties

When you buy a new laptop, it’s a big investment, so it’s important to get the best protection possible. Most manufacturers offer standard warranties, but they usually don’t cover any accidental damage. Accidental damage can result in a damaged laptop, so it’s important to consider an accident-and-spill-protection warranty. Asus offers an accident and spill-protection warranty on many of its most popular laptops, so you can be protected in case of accidents.

In case your device has suffered an accident, ASUS offers a year of accident and spill protection for free. This warranty covers any accidental damage to your device, minus any cost related to shipping. The warranty covers your laptop and any parts you need to repair it.

ASUS offers an excellent after-sales service for its laptops. Customer support is available through a number of different interfaces. ASUS also offers dedicated service centres for customers who experience a malfunction. The company also sells a range of gaming-oriented laptops under the ROG brand, which many gamers prefer over the Alienware or MSI models.

MSI is a gaming laptop brand

MSI is a brand known for its high-performance gaming laptops. Their laptops are built using premium parts and undergo rigorous testing. They feature superior capacitors and shielding for long-lasting reliability. This means that they can stand up to rigorous gaming and overclocking. The printed circuit boards of MSI laptops also feature superior components and silver processing to ensure the best possible quality. MSI laptops are one of the most reliable brands of gaming laptops.

MSI gaming laptops feature Discrete GPU Mode Switch Technology, which allows for easy software compatibility and higher gaming performance. They also have larger RAM, which helps speed up access to data. This is necessary as games become more demanding and require faster data transfer. Many of MSI gaming laptops feature 8GB or 32GB RAM, and the storage space can be easily upgraded.

MSI also offers a wide range of laptops. There are four main series: GE, GS, GL, and GF. These series each offer powerful and sleek machines.

HP excels in performance

HP laptops are among the most powerful laptops available on the market today. They offer the best value for money, with models ranging from budget-friendly Chromebooks to high-end workstations. Their designs feature gem-cut design elements for a striking visual appeal. They are also known for their outstanding customer support, with pre-sales and post-sales assistance available at a click of a button. HP also offers a comprehensive warranty, which covers the entire unit for up to three years.

HP has provided numerous laptop models over the years, and they continue to upgrade their models with new technologies. Many HP notebooks now come with improved graphics cards from NVIDIA and faster processors from Intel. Some models even come with high-quality audio from Bang & Olufsen. This makes HP laptops the best in the industry for virtually any purpose. No matter how demanding your job is, HP laptops have you covered.

The HP ENVY 17z laptop has a 1TB hard drive and a brushed keyboard. It has become the new standard for a high-performance notebook with a budget price. It has a slim design and is equipped with 4GB of RAM and 16GB of Intel Optane(tm) Memory.

Asus offers decent battery life

Asus laptops are great for gamers and are great for completing work tasks. Most of their models feature high RAM and excellent dedicated graphics cards. Many users are happy with the Asus performance and durability, and the price is reasonable. Asus also provides excellent customer support and a helpful technical department.

Asus offers decent battery life when compared to the other top selling laptop brands. Its Snapdragon-based models are excellent at ensuring a full day of work. They also come with a battery-saving feature that will allow you to enjoy a longer battery life without worrying about the processor running out of power.

The ZenBook S 13 OLED offers a stunning OLED screen and an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U CPU. The ZenBook S 13 OLED has thin bezels and a light, powerful framework. This model is Asus’s new flagship creator lineup, and is meant to compete with the MacBook Pro and XPS 15.

Lenovo offers a wide range of products

Lenovo is the largest vendor of PCs in the world, and it has expanded to other electronics, including smartphones, tablets, workstations, servers, and other electronics. It has a large presence in North America, and sells its products through most major retailers. Its wide range of laptops makes it the perfect choice for students and everyday computer users.

Lenovo offers a wide range of laptops in many price ranges, including low and mid-range models. The company offers excellent customer service, with email and phone support available to solve customer issues. It has a well-connected network of service centers and offers extended warranty periods on select devices. However, there are some drawbacks to Lenovo’s laptops, including questionable graphics support on some mid-range models.

Lenovo’s IdeaPad line of laptops is widely popular, thanks to its little red nub on the keyboard, which works like a mouse/trackpad but allows the user to keep their hands on the keyboard. The laptops also offer great displays and ease of access. Its Yoga line of convertible notebooks feature a rotating screen with touch capability. Lenovo Legion laptops are designed for gamers and have powerful cooling systems and competent CPUs.


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