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When it comes to finding new music to listen to, there are several playlists that can help you find a wide variety of music that you will love. Spotify’s Get Turnt playlist has over 5.7 million followers, and a few of its subgenres are particularly popular. These genres include Afropop, Hyphy, Azontobeats, and Trap.

Rap Caviar

If you want to have your music heard on Spotify, you can submit it to RapCaviar, a highly popular global rap playlist. This playlist features a weekly roundup of the best hip hop tracks and can help you gain exposure, thousands of new followers, and hundreds of thousands of streams. But before you can submit your music, you must optimize your Spotify for Artists profile.

RapCaviar is a popular playlist on Spotify that has helped both new and established artists launch their careers. The playlist has also featured live performances and group cyphers. LVRN, an independent label, recently performed a rap cypher for the RapCaviar playlist vertical.

Last week, Spotify hosted its first All-RapCaviar experience in Los Angeles. The event was designed to honor standout artists from the popular hip-hop playlist. Kendrick Lamar, Yeat, and Young Thug were among the winners, and the creator honored them with awards and accolades.

RapCaviar is a highly competitive list that is governed by Spotify’s curators. Getting on this list is not easy, even for artists with connections. Only the top 100 Billboard artists are considered for the playlist. However, by creating a playlist and submitting it to Spotify, you’ll be able to get real, organic listeners and streams.

Rap Caviar is also a great way to discover new hip-hop music. The playlist also features new tracks each Friday, including a feature called New Music Friday. This playlist features the best new hip-hop tracks of the week. Rap Caviar is an important part of Spotify’s strategy to make the platform more accessible to diverse tastes.

This playlist features the top rap hits from today’s artists. It includes hits by rappers such as Lil Uzi Ver and Migos. Lil Uzi Vert has released his debut album this year, which reached No. 4 on Spotify’s weekly chart. He has four songs on RapCaviar’s playlist.

Every Number One

Spotify’s Every Number One playlist contains all the albums that reached number one in Australia. The playlist includes hits by Olivia Rodriguez and Glass Animals. It also contains a song by the Kid LAROI called “Without You.” The playlist has over a million followers, and Spotify has 250 employees who create playlists on a daily basis.

The music streaming service has become an enormous money maker for musicians, as artists pay playlist owners to feature their songs. This practice is similar to payola scandals in the 1950s that led to a Congressional investigation of radio DJs. Austin Powell, managing editor of the Daily Dot, recently published a story about this emerging market for Spotify playlists. He discussed his findings with podcast host The Business of Content.

Artists have two ways to get their music added to Spotify’s playlists. One way is to submit your work to the Spotify editorial team. The Spotify editorial team looks at your music and then decides which songs they want to feature. If the artist has more than 1000 listeners, it’s a surefire way to get your music added to the playlist.

Another way to promote your Spotify playlist is to use social sharing and paid advertisements. However, these strategies will only get you a handful of followers. In the long run, it’s more effective to let others discover your playlist organically. People who find your playlists organically are more likely to be engaged.

The Release Radar playlist updates every Friday and features artists that Spotify assumes you’ll like. It includes music from new artists that you might not otherwise find. Besides the official playlists, you can create your own playlist. These playlists can be private or public, so you can choose the ones you want to share. Many Spotify users create their own playlists for personal enjoyment, as well as for business purposes.

Most Necessary

The Most Necessary playlist on Spotify is a weekly compilation of music hits. It has more than five million followers, and features music from a variety of artists including Travis Scott, Migos, A$AP Rocky, and Megan Thee Stallion. Listeners who want to get into the latest hip-hop beats will find plenty of new music on this list.

The playlists are curated by Spotify’s “Shows & Editorial” team. They have hundreds of music blogs and are constantly keeping track of social media buzz. This allows them to recommend new artists and new albums that might otherwise be overlooked. And if you’re still unsure of what to listen to, Spotify’s playlists can help you discover something new.

While most of the new artists on Spotify’s list are country artists, there are also a number of hip hop artists you should definitely check out. Rap Caviar is a weekly playlist featuring hip hop and alternative artists from the west coast, and you can even find some UK rap artists here. The Pigeons & Planes playlist is another playlist worth checking out, as it features a mix of classic hip-hop bangers and new indie tracks.

As a musician or songwriter, creating and sharing your own playlist on Spotify is a great way to get noticed by listeners and gain followers. In addition to listening to your own songs, you can share your playlist with your friends, promote it through press releases and embed it on your website. Your playlist can be a great tool to help your music career, and it is worth the time and effort.

Another great way to discover new music is to subscribe to curated Spotify playlists. Various Spotify playlists are updated daily, and these include new releases, genres, and moods. You can also subscribe to playlists created by music critics and industry leaders. Just make sure to check out the Spotify video above to get a better idea of how playlists work.

Spotify also offers playlists created by millions of users. While these playlists are usually smaller and not curated by a huge number of people, they are an effective way to get your tracks in front of listeners. Spotify also helps artists promote their tracks on other playlists.

Get Turnt

The Get Turnt playlist on Spotify is a five-hour mix of new hip-hop and electronic songs, perfect for road trips. You can find this playlist on Spotify’s Discover section, which is updated every Friday. If you want to hear more new hip-hop, you can also check out the New Music Friday playlist, which highlights the latest tracks of the week.

The Spotify editorial team is the most accessible to artists, and you can pitch your track to them directly by using the Spotify for Artists form. As of earlier this year, Spotify has added over 150,000 new artists to its editorial playlists. The company’s goal is to include as many artists as possible, but it’s not always easy.

To get noticed on Spotify, artists need to release more music. Even if they aren’t signed to a major label, it’s still a good idea to release multiple records in order to increase their chances of creating a banger. However, don’t compromise the quality of your music. The more releases you have, the more likely you are to get noticed by the algorithm.

This playlist is packed with new hip hop and rap songs. It features songs that made Billboard’s top 50 list, as well as songs that are viral. With over 12 million followers, this playlist is perfect for any hip-hop fan. Some of the featured artists on the playlist include Lil Durk, BIA, Kay Flock, Offset, and NoCap.


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