Microsoft Pauses Free Windows PC Trials


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Microsoft Pauses Free Windows PC Trials. Microsoft recently announced that it would pause its free Windows 10 PC trials program, leaving many people wondering what this means for them if they were considering getting a Windows 10 trial.

In this blog post, we will examine why Microsoft has paused its free Windows 10 PC trial program, what a Windows 10 PC trial is, and what you can do now if you want to access Windows 10.

We will advise you on what to do if you consider getting a Windows 10 PC trial. So, let us get started and get to know everything about Microsoft’s decision to pause free Windows 10 PC trials.

What Is A Windows PC Trial?

Microsoft has recently paused the Windows PC trial program, meaning users can no longer access the free trial version of Windows. This program was previously available to users of Windows 10 and earlier versions of the operating system. The free trial allows users to try out the full Windows version without spending any money.

There are a few reasons why Microsoft has stopped offering the free trial version of Windows. First, Microsoft is trying to focus on its paid subscription model for its products.

Second, Microsoft is trying to ensure the software is stable and meets all its users’ needs before releasing it into wide release.

Third, Microsoft wants to ensure that users have a positive experience with its products and are not confused or frustrated by any features or functionality.

While there are some drawbacks to using the free trial version of Windows, there are also some benefits. For example, you can test Windows’s different features and functions without spending money upfront. Additionally, you can always extend your trial if you need more time with the software. Finally, there are no restrictions or limitations when using the free trial – it’s open for everyone at any time!

After your free trial expires, you must decide whether you want to purchase a license for Windows 10 or switch over to another platform, such as Mac OS or Linux. If you choose to purchase a license for Windows 10, your previous trials will still be valid and usable in conjunction with your purchase.

Why Have Microsoft Paused Trials?

Microsoft has paused trials for its Windows PCs, and this move is likely due to recent restrictions on the use of free trials. Free trials allow people to try out new products before purchasing, but Microsoft has recently restricted their use. Now, users can only access a few features without committing to buying the product outright.

This pause in trials may have two reasons. First, Microsoft is trying to increase the sale of its full versions of Windows PCs. With so many people using free trials and then canceling their subscriptions after using them for a short period, it’s difficult for Microsoft to generate revenue from these users.

Second, Microsoft may be worried about customer feedback after using free trials. If people are not allowed to give feedback or rate the product after using it, they may be less likely to buy it in the future.

Although this move will affect some customers who rely on trial periods as part of their purchase decision-making process, those affected by the pause in trial periods from Microsoft should consider other desired alternatives. For example, purchasing a PC through an online store or another retailer that does not offer a trial period could work just as well when making a purchase decision for Windows PCs.

This pause in trial periods from Microsoft could mean big things for the company’s future plans – including its virtual reality (VR) plans. If people can’t try out new VR products before buying them, it’s harder for them to decide whether or not they’re worth investing in.

Understanding The Reasons Behind Microsoft’s Decision

Microsoft has announced that it will pause free Windows PC trials starting with the upcoming Creators Update. This change is in response to feedback from users who have expressed concerns about the security and quality of the trial versions of Windows.

The main benefits of using a paid version of Windows are that you’re guaranteed a higher level of security and convenience. For example, you can’t accidentally delete or damage files on your paid Windows PC, and you can access all your files from any device – whether that’s your desktop computer, laptop, or phone.

However, there are potential consequences for using a pirated version of Windows. Microsoft acknowledges this and is currently developing software that will automatically check for pirated copies of Windows and provide warnings to users before allowing them to continue. In addition, Microsoft is working on new features that will make it easier for users to find and use licensed versions of its products.

This decision by Microsoft has far-reaching implications for businesses and individuals considering purchasing a Windows PC. It’s important to consider all the pros and cons before making a decision – doing so will help you avoid any negative consequences from Microsoft’s decision.

What To Do Now For Accessing Windows 10?

Microsoft recently paused its free Windows PC trial program, leaving some people wondering what’s happening. The short answer is that while the trials are paused, Microsoft is working on new features for the program that will be released in the future. However, there are some disadvantages to using these free PCs right now. First and foremost, these PCs don’t have any usual protections like antivirus software or a firewall. This means your data could be at risk if it falls into the wrong hands.

There are other limitations to using these free PCs as well. For example, you cannot install third-party applications or use any of your files outside of Microsoft Office. You’re also unable to access certain features available in the Windows App Store without paying for a subscription.

In addition, you may find it helpful to have resources like this guide to help make the transition to Windows 10 easier. While Microsoft’s free PC trial program is paused for now, several options are still available for accessing Windows 10 if you need them.


Microsoft’s decision to pause its free Windows 10 PC trial program has many people wondering what this means for them. It is important to understand why Microsoft is doing this and the potential benefits and drawbacks of using a free trial version of Windows. Additionally, it is important to consider alternatives if you are considering getting a Windows 10 PC trial and want to access the software without committing any money upfront.


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