How to Transfer Videos From iPhone to PC Windows 10


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Transferring videos from your iPhone to your PC running Windows 10 is not as difficult as it may seem. There are a few different ways to do it, and in this blog post, we’ll walk you through each one. We’ll show you how to transfer videos using iTunes, iCloud Photos, and third-party software. By the end of this post, you can easily transfer your videos from your iPhone to your PC running Windows 10. So let’s get started!

Transferring Videos With iTunes

You might want to transfer videos from your iPhone to your Windows PC for many reasons. Maybe you’re moving or want to save some space on your phone. Whatever the reason, transferring videos between devices is a process that can be done relatively easily with the right tools and software. This section will outline the steps to transfer videos between an iPhone and a Windows PC.

To start, make sure that you have iTunes installed on your computer. Next, connect your iPhone to your computer with the appropriate cable (iTunes will recognize it automatically). Once connected, click on the Videos folder in iTunes and select the videos you wish to transfer. You can also select multiple files at once by holding down the Control key and clicking on each file individually. After selecting all the videos, you wish to transfer, click the Export button at the bottom of the window.

Once everything is set up and ready to go, it’s time for step-by-step instructions!

  1. Open iTunes on your computer
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer using either USB or Bluetooth (if available)
  3. Select Movies from beneath the main menu bar in iTunes and select any video files that you wish to import onto your device
  4. Click on Import From, located below video thumbnails (or press Command + I )
  5. Select where you would like these imported movies saved – this could be anywhere on your computer if it has enough free storage space! Once selected, click Import. Your imported movies will now show up in their respective folders within Movies.
  6. To finish off this process:
  7. Disconnect any accessories from iPhone if connected via USB or Bluetooth before disconnecting from the computer
  8. Quit iTunes if it opens.

Streamlining The Transferring Process With iTunes

Whether moving videos from your iPhone to your PC or transferring music and playlists, iTunes can help make the process much easier. In this blog, we’ll walk you through downloading and using iTunes to transfer videos from your device to your PC.

First, download and install iTunes on your PC. Next, connect your iPhone to the PC via a USB cable. After doing so, you can access and manage your videos directly on the iTunes interface.

A few potential issues can arise while transferring videos between devices and computers. If you experience problems during the process, consult Apple’s support website for assistance.

However, most issues can be resolved by following these simple steps: deleting unused videos from your device; syncing up iPhones and PCs; importing existing videos onto your device; and streaming music & playlists automatically between devices with AirDrop. In short, there’s no reason why video transfers between devices couldn’t be as easy as clicking Import.

Using iCloud Photos To Upload Videos

One of the great features of the iPhone is its ability to transfer videos easily between devices. With iCloud Photo Library, you can easily move videos from your iPhone to your Windows computer. Additionally, backing up photos and videos on iCloud is easy and secure. In this section, we will review the steps necessary to transfer videos from your iPhone to your PC. We also recommend using iCloud Photos to manage and view photos and videos across all your devices.

To transfer videos from your iPhone to PC Windows, open the iCloud Photo Library on your computer. Next, locate the video that you want to transfer and select it. You can then choose how to transfer the video: as a file or by AirDrop. Suppose you choose AirDrop. Press and hold down the button on your iPhone until the video pops up on your screen. Then, select Open in New Window from the AirDrop menu on PC Windows (or Copy). You can now close out of both programs and enjoy watching your favorite video on PC Windows!

Backing up photos and videos on iCloud is simple and secure – ensure you have an active internet connection! To back up photos or videos, open the Photos app on iOS or MacOS X, find what you want to backup, tap save/backup at the bottom of the screen, enter a password if desired (it won’t be stored), choose where you want to save them (e.g., onto an external hard drive), and click save. Finally, any photo or video backed up will appear in the Photos app on all your devices with an iCloud account – whether that device is connected to WiFi or not!

Using Third-Party Softwares To Transfer Videos

Video is one of the most popular forms of content on the internet, and it’s no surprise that people are always looking for ways to share their videos with friends and family. However, transferring videos from one device to another can be a difficult and time-consuming task. That’s where third-party iPhone video transfer software comes in handy.

Using this software, you can easily connect your iPhone to your computer and transfer your videos as soon as you download and install them. Once connected, select the videos that you want to transfer and click Start Transfer. The video files will then be transferred over the internet directly to your computer.

Once the transfer is complete, you must convert the video files into an appropriate format before saving or sharing them online. You can choose between various formats, including MP4, AVI, or MKV. Once you have selected a format, just hit Save, and the file will be saved on your computer; if you want to keep the video file on your computer for future use or sharing, hit Store.

To Wrap Things Up

Transferring videos from your iPhone to your computer running Windows 10 is a relatively easy process with the right tools and software. We have outlined several methods for transferring videos, including using iTunes, iCloud Photos, and third-party software. If you are looking for a way to transfer videos from your iPhone to your PC running Windows 10, these methods should help you get started. Now it’s time to take action and start transferring those videos!


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