How to Sign a Document in Google Drive


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When you’re trying to sign a document in Google Drive, you have many options. You can use signaturely, signature services such as DocuSign, or even a physical drawing tablet. You can also use your web browser’s signature tool. Regardless of which method you choose, it will ensure that the document is signed in a legal and recognizable way.


You can now use DocuSign for signing documents in Google’s Drive. You can easily upload and sign documents from Drive without having to print them or fax them. DocuSign also lets you tag the completed documents. You can send these documents to recipients via email or download them to your computer.

After downloading the app, go to the Google Drive app store and search for “DocuSign.” You’ll see the icon on the Google Drive speed dial. To sign a document, click the button and enter your Google credentials. Once you’re logged in, DocuSign will prompt you to grant permission to access Google Docs and Google Apps.

Once you have signed the documents, you can send them to recipients. To do this, go to your Google Drive account. You can sign documents for as many recipients as you wish. The service will allow you to sign up to three documents for free. To sign more than three documents, you can subscribe to a subscription plan.

Signing documents in Google Docs is simple. First, open a document you’d like to send. Then, use the drawing tool to draw your signature. After signing the document, click “save.” The signature will appear on the document. If the other person has to approve it, he or she will be notified.

DocuSign is one of the most popular e-signatures solutions. It enables you to sign documents without leaving your Gmail inbox. You can even use DocuSign’s mobile app to sign documents on the go. If you’re looking for a free alternative to DocuSign, you’ll find a variety of alternatives in the Google Apps marketplace.

DocuSign has many benefits. It offers mobile functionality, which lets you check the status of signing documents, and even void agreements. Its secure platform also offers real-time push notifications when your documents are signed. It also allows you to tag documents by dragging tags onto them. It also provides a complete audit trail and is ISO 27001 and SSAE16 certified.

You can also download a free version of PandaDoc. It requires a Google account, and it offers a powerful document editor. The editor lets you add signature fields, pricing tables, and other features. It also lets you create invoices, contracts, and proposals. It also has an advanced document analytics tool and a custom branding tool.


If you’re curious about how to sign a document in Google Drive, you can use the HelloSign add-on. The HelloSign editor allows you to customize and prepare the document before it is signed. It also lets you know when the document has been signed.

To use HelloSign, you need to install the Chrome extension and launch the app. After installing the app, you must allow HelloSign access to your Google Drive account. Once you’ve done so, you can view your signed documents from Google Drive. If you’re using HelloSign on your own computer, you can sign documents by uploading them.

The HelloSign Google Drive integration allows you to sign documents based on triggers, as well as add content to the documents. You can also organize documents into folders and files in Google Drive. Once you activate the integration, the signed documents will sync to your Drive folder, so you can keep them organized.

To add text to your document, click the text function located to the right of the signature or initials buttons. Select the portion of your document you want to add text to. You can also add checkmarks to the document. Click the checkbox button on the top right corner of the Edit & Sign window.

HelloSign is a convenient, intuitive way to sign online documents. It offers an award-winning user interface and robust admin controls to ensure legal signatures. It also provides enterprise-grade security. It is a safer alternative to pen and paper methods. Signing documents with HelloSign is easy and secure – you can choose to sign documents with a pen or stylus, or even your smartphone!

HelloSign works with Google Drive and other services that use Google’s online storage. Sign in to your account and sign documents. Once you sign a document, the recipient can download it or send it via email. After signing, you can select the recipient and choose a message.

Using HelloSign is easy and free, and it makes it easy to sign documents in Google Docs. You can even invite others to comment on your document or sign it online. The documents you sign with HelloSign are legally binding. In addition, you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of printing, scanning, and mailing documents.


Signaturely allows you to create a digital signature and save it to your Google Drive account for future use. The application has 45+ professional templates that guide you through the process of creating and signing a document. If you need to sign many documents, Signaturely will let you upload a CSV file of contacts to sign multiple documents at once.

Signaturely also lets you customize your document by adding fields for signatures and dates. You can also edit text boxes and checkboxes and control the font style of your signature. It also provides free templates that cover a range of industries and purposes. Once you have created a document, you can send it to your signers for approval.

Signaturely has three subscription plans to choose from. The free plan allows you to sign three documents per month, with notifications and reminders sent to you. You can choose from a Personal Plan or a Business Plan to fit your needs. The Personal Plan is best for occasional e-signature needs, while the Business Plan is ideal for businesses and large-scale users.

The Signaturely app works with Google Drive. It can be used to sign documents that you have uploaded in your Google Drive. The signatures are as legally binding as a handwritten signature. They also comply with the ESIGN Act and UETA regulations. The service allows you to use it for free for up to three eSignatures per month, and has native integration with Google Docs, Dropbox, and One Drive. Unlike many other signature solutions, Signaturely does not come with signature templates.

While Signaturely is an innovative cloud-based electronic signature solution, it is still limited in its features. It can be used by individuals as well as businesses, and it can help them transition to a paperless workflow. Signaturely also enables you to create and send signed documents to other parties, saving you time and money.

The Signaturely e-signature software is easy to use and meets current laws. With its secure online storage, your documents are legally binding. And the Signaturely app can be accessed on desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Signing a document with Signaturely is a simple process that can help you save paper, save time, and save the environment.

Signaturely is the simplest way to eSign a document in Google Drive. It connects to Google Drive and lets you add signature fields and a history of signing. Signing a document with Signaturely also saves the authentication data of the signer and locks the document during transmission. The app also provides a history and audit log of each document and also allows you to sign up to three documents per month.

Signaturely allows you to create reusable templates to make your life easier. Signing documents is easier and faster than ever! Adding standard fields to your documents saves time. And you can send documents in serial, parallel, or mixed sequence. You can even send your documents to other parties in a certain order. And it’s completely secure. Signaturely is not only convenient and secure, but it’s also legal and admissible in court.


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