How to Get Out of Water Mode on Apple Watch


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The Apple Watch can enter water mode automatically, but you can also exit it manually. To do so, press the crown button on the side of the watch. Once the screen appears, spin the crown until the lock appears and a notification appears that the watch is unlocked. Once the lock appears, you should be able to access your watch’s functions normally.

Turn digital crown to unlock

If you want to use your Apple Watch while swimming, you can unlock water mode by turning the digital crown. This will release any water that may have gotten inside your watch. When you do so, you will feel a vibration and will notice that you have some moisture on your watch. The water lock will automatically activate if you swim, but you can also manually turn it off in Control Center.

The water lock feature allows you to use your Apple Watch when it is in the water, but the touch screen can get damaged if it is submerged. To turn off water mode, you must turn the digital crown in the opposite direction from the lock button. You can then use the display of your Apple Watch as normal.

You can also unlock water mode manually on the Apple Watch. First, you need to wake up the device. This will enable Control Center. Then, tap the Control Center overlay on the watch’s screen. From there, you can find the icon that says “Water Lock Mode.” Once the screen appears, spin the digital crown until you see “Unlocked.”

The digital crown will turn different colors depending on which mode you are in. The water mode icon will be a water drop or a bed icon. Once you’ve selected the mode you want, turn the digital crown until you hear the vibrations or feel the moisture on your wrist. If you’d like to learn more about the Apple Watch, visit the Apple Support site and sign up for free tips of the day.

The Water Lock feature on the Apple Watch is used to prevent accidental input while you’re wearing it in the water. This feature keeps the display from reacting to touch inputs, and prevents accidental taps. Water Lock can also clear the speakers and prevent accidental inputs. This feature is available on Apple Watch Series 2 and later.

If you turn the digital crown on the Apple Watch and it doesn’t unlock, you might have a dirty crown or debris stuck in between the housing and crown. This will solve the problem, and your watch will be back to normal again. If this doesn’t fix your problem, try removing the charger or leather band from your Apple Watch.

In order to unlock water mode, you should turn the digital crown so that a blue water drop fills the gray circle. If you don’t want to get in the water again, you can turn the digital crown back and unlock the screen. Alternatively, you can also press the side button and hold down the Digital Crown. After you’ve done this, the screen will go dark. Then you can use the multitouch gestures on the screen. Using the side button, you can even mute the screen.

Turn digital crown to eject water

Turning the Digital Crown will enable you to eject water from your Apple Watch. However, this feature is only effective if you have actually swam in the water. If you have accidentally left the device in water, you can use this trick to get the water out of your device. Turning the digital crown will generate a high-frequency sound that will push water out the speaker.

To turn the Digital crown to eject water mode, you must have unlocked the display of your Apple watch or a paired iPhone. Next, find the rotating button on the left side of your watch. Press it and then turn it until it reads “eject water.” If you accidentally activate this mode while swimming, the touchscreen may not respond and will become unresponsive.

If you’re unsure of how to turn the Digital Crown, look at the warning message on your Apple Watch. You should see a blue drop in the gray circle. If you don’t see any water on the screen, you probably have Water Lock on. If this is the case, you can turn it off by rotating the Digital Crown until the water drop fills the gray circle.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can also activate Water Lock through the Control Centre. Once activated, the Water Lock icon appears on the watch’s main screen. Water Lock turns on automatically when you perform water-based workouts. To turn off Water Lock, you can turn the rotatable Digital Crown on the left side of your Apple Watch. Turn the Digital Crown until you see a message on the screen saying that your watch is now unlocked.

You should also clean the Digital Crown using fresh water. It is important to keep your Apple Watch clean by using fresh water. Hold it under a stream of water for about fifteen seconds. Do not use soaps, and make sure to dry the watch thoroughly after you’re done.

Water Lock is a feature on the Apple Watch that prevents accidental actions while you’re swimming. This prevents water from entering the device, and prevents accidental screen activation. This feature is available on the new Apple Watch Series models. When you use this feature, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally activating the Water Lock feature.

Turn digital crown to turn off

If your Apple Watch is on water mode, you can turn off this setting by turning the Digital Crown. You can do this on the watch itself or by pairing it with an iPhone. To turn off water mode, turn the Digital Crown until the water drop fills the gray circle. Note that some models have a better water resistance rating than others, so you should check before going into water.

First, you must make sure that the Apple Watch is in a dry place. After that, simply turn the Digital Crown counterclockwise or clockwise. Once the circle fills up, the device will turn into an unlocked status. If you are using an iPhone, you can unlock your Apple Watch using Touch ID or a passcode.

After removing the water, dry your Apple Watch thoroughly with an absorbent cloth. You must also test the Digital Crown to make sure that it works. If it works properly, you will hear a ringing sound, feel some moisture on the speaker grill, and see a message that says ‘unlocked’.

Water Lock is activated automatically when you are doing a water-based workout, but it can also be turned off manually. In the Control Center, you can access the Water Lock settings. The icon will appear at the top of the screen. To turn off Water Lock, turn the Digital Crown in either direction until a message appears saying that the watch is now unlocked.

If the Digital Crown isn’t working properly, you need to clean it properly. To do so, run it under warm water for 10 to 15 seconds and then gently press it over the gap between the housing and the crown. Once the Digital Crown is clean, you must wipe it dry with a dry cloth. You may also want to wipe the screen with a dry cloth to remove any remaining water or moisture.

The Apple Watch also has a Water Lock feature that locks the watch screen when you’re in water. This helps protect it from water damage and accidental screen activation. However, it is important to note that the Apple Watch is only water-resistant, not waterproof. The Water Lock feature is a safety measure, and should be disabled if you’re going to use the watch while you’re swimming.


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