How to Get a Room Upgrade in Las Vegas


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If you’re staying at a Las Vegas hotel and you want to stay in a room with a view of the Strip, you’re going to have to ask for an upgrade. You can do this in a few different ways. One is to book directly with the hotel, another is to check the hotel’s website and see what rooms are available, and a third is to use the hotel’s own app.

Avoid online check-in and self-service kiosks

While it’s true that some hotels do offer free room upgrades, they can be rare and not always guaranteed. However, if you follow a few simple steps you can boost your chances of getting a great upgrade.

To get an upgraded room in Vegas, you need to be savvy about where to ask. The hotel’s front desk staff can help you with this. If you’re a repeat customer, make sure you tip them a big fat buck.

The best place to look for free upgrades is during off-season. Some resorts even email their customers when they have discounted upgrade opportunities for their guests. This is an easy way to get a better room for less than the cost of a night on the Strip.

If you can’t resist the temptation to gamble, be sure to weigh the cost against the rewards. Vegas is no longer a bargain destination for gambling revenue. A $300 loss in your pocket could be a good time to pass.

It’s also wise to choose a hotel with a posh name. In addition to the usual suspects, consider trying out the more unique properties in Las Vegas. For example, the Cosmopolitan Resort Hotel features a spa that aficionados of the finer things in life will enjoy.

Self-service kiosks can be a useful tool in assisting you with check-in, check-out, and even transportation. But they require some upfront investment and may take a while to pay for themselves. That said, they are also a good idea for safety. Many have intuitive designs and clear typefaces. Also, the fact that they are self-service can be a real plus.

There are also a number of other fun and informative websites dedicated to Vegas. For instance, the Las Vegas Travel Guide provides information on a variety of different attractions and entertainment. Several other sites offer recommendations for restaurants and local hotspots. You can also browse through hotel amenities and neighborhood recommendations. During your visit, it can be a good idea to pick a clerk who looks confident and knowledgeable.

Ask for an upgrade at a luxury hotel

If you want to get an upgrade at a luxury hotel in Las Vegas, you can ask for it. However, you must be careful. The best time to do it is when you arrive at the hotel, and you must be sure to make your request in a way that doesn’t appear as if you are asking for a freebie.

Hotel upgrades are generally determined by how many rooms the hotel has available. Newer hotels are more likely to upgrade customers. Hotels with fewer guests may be more reluctant to bump you up a level.

You can also ask for an upgrade by mentioning a special occasion. For instance, you might mention that you’re on a honeymoon. This will help you get a better room, but only if the staff knows your special occasion.

It’s not always as easy to get an upgrade, especially if you are staying in a hotel for a few days. Business hotels typically have fewer room options. You can also check out online reservation options if you have an inkling that you’ll need more than one night.

Some hotel loyalty programs offer free upgrades to members. Be sure to check your credit card offers to see if you qualify.

A lot of newer hotels have vacancies, which means that they are able to leave the best rooms available for upgrades. These can include bigger rooms, better views, or even free spa passes.

Make an effort to tip your hotel clerks. This is not required, but it is often helpful. When you request an upgrade, be sure to thank the clerks for their time.

If you’re planning to stay at a hotel for more than one night, you should book a room mid-week. Off-season dates are often the most convenient times to travel.

Another trick is to visit a different hotel during your stay. Many times, the hotel will send you an email with discounted upgrade options.

Remember to be courteous to the staff and let them know about any issues you might have. Even if you do not receive a free upgrade, you might be able to score a better room by tipping.

Book directly with the hotel

There are a number of different ways you can get a free room upgrade in Las Vegas. You may be able to get an upgrade if you spend more, you have a hotel loyalty program, or you have a special occasion.

The first thing you should do is ask at the front desk. This is a good time to mention your stay is for a special occasion. If you’re booking online, you can put your special request in the “special requests” section of the form. During conferences and conventions, hotels often run out of cheaper accommodations.

Another option is to book through a third-party website, like, and ask the hotel clerk to upgrade you. But be careful: this isn’t guaranteed.

A third-party website is typically a little cheaper than booking through the hotel’s website. However, booking directly with the hotel will improve your chances of getting an upgrade.

Many of the latest hotels will leave some of the best rooms open for upgrades. These rooms are called “run of the house” rooms and usually have a view of the rooftop air conditioning unit. Often, these rooms are the cheapest.

If you’re a regular customer, you can also get an upgrade. Just make sure you’re polite and respectful. And be sure to tip big!

Some hotels offer a free room upgrade to guests who have a positive online profile. They can take into account things like your social media, and if you’re a frequent traveler to Vegas, you can also mention your honeymoon.

You may also want to consider the time of year you’re visiting. Off-season offers less expensive rates and a larger selection of activities. On the other hand, peak season might be busier than off-season.

Whether you’re staying at a hotel in Las Vegas for a long period of time or you’re a first-time visitor, it’s always a good idea to pick one that you really love. Make sure you pick a hotel with a reputation for providing excellent service and a great experience. It’s also a good idea to choose a hotel that is near your place of employment.

Check what may be available on a hotel’s app

If you are staying at a Las Vegas hotel for a special occasion, such as a family reunion, conference, or honeymoon, you may be able to get a room upgrade for free. You may be able to upgrade from a “run of the house” room to a more expensive suite. It’s always a good idea to check with the receptionist or front desk staff before booking your stay to see if there are any upgraded rooms available.

New hotels are often willing to give guests a room upgrade for free. Depending on the hotel, this may be for only a few nights or for the whole stay. This is usually a way to boost reviews, but hotels are also happy to make sure their guests are satisfied.

The most effective way to upgrade is to ask politely. You don’t want to come off as demanding, but you do want to be sure to tell the front desk staff that you have a reason for wanting to upgrade. Be sure to mention a recent promotion or job change.

Another thing to consider is how often you plan to visit Las Vegas. If you are a frequent visitor, it is best to pick a specific hotel to stay at. Many hotels prefer to upgrade customers who book directly with them rather than through an online platform.

You can also use the hotel’s app to find out what rooms are available for upgrades. When you get to the hotel, ask the front desk staff for help. Remember to thank them for their time.

A great way to increase your chances of getting an upgrade is to book through a hotel rewards program. Most programs have multiple tiers of elite status. For the most part, you will need to earn middle-level elite status to confirm an upgrade. Getting a room upgrade can also depend on the hotel’s occupancy.

Generally, newer hotels have fewer rooms, which means you are more likely to be upgraded. However, you are still better off booking your stay through the hotel’s website. Using a third-party online platform will limit your options and will result in a commission from the platform.


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