How to Change Row Data to Column in Excel


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If you want to convert row data to column data in Excel, you may have several options. For instance, you can use the Transpose formula to change empty cells in a column to “0”. It also works for changing data in a single column to a row. But this function has some limitations, like the limit of 65536 elements. Nonetheless, it is a good way to convert data in a column to a row.

Transpose function converts empty cells to “0”

If you have empty cells in your spreadsheet, you can use the Transpose function to change them to “0.” This Excel formula rotates the range of cells without changing the data format or the column headings. You can also use this function to copy and paste data from another source. Each method requires different steps.

The Transpose function converts empty cells to 0 in two different ways: by converting a single column into a row or one row to an empty column. You can apply this formula to either method, depending on which method you prefer. This practice worksheet shows you how to transpose data in Excel.

If your spreadsheet contains empty rows and columns, you can use the Transpose function to fix this problem. You can also use the Transpose function in Power Query. It is an Excel add-in that makes transposing data quick and easy. Open the Query Editor and click the Transpose tab.

Another option is to use the Paste Special option, which disables the Transpose option. This method will copy the table into a range, but will not link the new table with the original data. This method is ideal for one-time conversions, but you will have to repeat the process if you need to change the data source in the future.

When using Transpose function in Excel, you need to know how to select the source data. You must be able to select all of the cells in the source range. Otherwise, you will end up with duplicate rows. Alternatively, you can use Paste special option to convert columns into rows.

Limitation of 65536 elements

There is a limitation to the number of rows and columns you can have in an Excel spreadsheet. The maximum number of rows and columns you can have is 65536. If you need to change a row to a column, you must use a new row or column to change the data.

The limitation of 65536 rows and columns can be overcome by using the Excel template scalability option. This feature is disabled by default but can be enabled on the system, report, or template level. Enabling it will allow you to change the row to column layout without sacrificing the data integrity of your spreadsheet.

Limitation of Paste Special option

The Paste Special option is an option in Excel that allows you to change the format of your data by selecting a range of cells and pressing the Paste Special key. This feature is useful for a wide variety of tasks. For example, you can use it to add, delete, multiply, or divide data. However, this option has limitations. If you have a large number of cells, you will be unable to use this option.

Before you can use the Paste Special option to change row data to columns in Excel, you must select the cells you want to copy. You must also select any formulas that you want to paste. Then, you must click OK. The copied data will be pasted into the selected column or row.

Paste Special options in Excel vary depending on the type of data you want to paste. For example, you can choose to paste all of the data within the cell, or only the value and formatting. You can also choose to paste data, including data validation rules. The pasted data will appear in the paste area. You can use this option if you are unsure how to format the data that you copied.

Using the Paste Special option in Excel is useful when you want to maintain the formatting of the original cells. However, it has a few limitations. For example, it cannot change the height of the column. If you want to paste data to a different row, you must first select the original cell and then copy it again. Once you have done that, select the target cell in the paste special window. To do this, click on the small arrow of the paste button on the Home ribbon or press Ctrl + Alt + V on your keyboard.

To use the Paste Special option to change row data to a column in Excel, you must choose the cell in which you want to paste the data. To do this, simply select the cell where you want the data to go. If the cell already contains dropdown lists, you will be able to paste the data into it without problems.


There are two basic ways to convert row data to column in Excel. Either manually convert the data or use a formula. The first method requires you to manually select the data. But it is time-consuming, especially if the data is long. In addition, this method also requires you to re-format the data after the conversion.

If you do not want to merge the data in the row, you can also use the Center Across Selection option to achieve the same effect. However, merging cells can cause problems later. You can also disable the total row in the Table Tools Design tab, which can be found in the Table Style Options section. By temporarily disabling it, you can still access the formulas and data in the column and row styles.

Alternatively, you can double-click the mouse key to adjust the height of the row. This will expand or collapse the row. If you’ve selected several cells, you can also double-click the header to select the entire range of cells. You can also set the height of the row to fit the contents of the cells.

If you’re unsure about the method you’re using, you can manually change the formatting of the table. You can also use the Find and Replace dialog. However, this method will not affect existing formulas. To use this feature, you should make sure that the column is selected before modifying the data.


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